Pay Dues From Şeker Bank ATMs

With Kayseri's only professional building management, you can pay dues from all Şeker Bank ATMs! As Çavuşoğlu Building Management, you can pay online with your credit card to make your life easier, you can come to CVS Plaza and pay, we can come to your door on certain days of the month and get paid. In addition, thanks to our business partnership with Şeker Bank, you will now be able to pay your dues from all Şeker Bank ATMs.

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Adr: Örnekevler Mh. Menekşe Sok.
No:9, Çavuşoğlu Plaza,Kayseri

Tel: +90 352 222 50 38


Adr: Hunat Mah. Nur Sok.
Sitaş İş Merkezi. Kat: 4 Kayseri

Tel: +90 352 220 16 66

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