Protection of Personal Data
Pursuant to the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (V KVKK ”), any information that makes it possible to identify or identify a real person is covered by personal data. ÇAVUŞOĞLU BİNA YÖNETİMİ We would like to inform you about the processing purposes, legal reasons, methods of collection, to whom and for what purposes, and the rights granted to you under KVKK.

1. Methods for collecting personal data
ÇAVUŞOĞLU BİNA YÖNETİMİ in the capacity of data responsible, within the framework of our legal obligations arising from KVKK and other related legislation; through the production and modification processes carried out in different channels such as website, mobile applications, call center, stores, social media channels, direct or authorized communication channels and physical channels; using these channels to provide you with high quality services and to carry out our business and commercial activities within this framework, the opportunity to implement the relevant legislation, contracts, demands, commercial custom and honesty rules that arise based on the legal reasons that are exercised in the framework of open consent, written or electronic your personal data, including personally identifiable personal data.

In this context, your personal data, ÇAVUŞOĞLU BİNA YÖNETİMİ may be collected by the natural or legal persons who process data on behalf of, but not limited to those listed, either in writing or electronically by the following methods;

Contact forms that you fill in to contact us on our websites or third party websites,
E-mails, faxes and letters sent to our Company by various agreements signed with our Company,
Third party company (s) processing and supporting data on behalf of our Company,
Our employees, customer service channels including digital marketing and call center,
Social media channels, Google, etc. use of search engines,
Membership agreements and other agreements, campaigns, applications, forms, offers,
Our dealers and other sales network.
2. Processing and processing of personal data
ÇAVUŞOĞLU BİNA YÖNETİMİ through our call centers, written communication channels, social media pages, mobile communication channels and / or all kinds of channels as data responsible; Your personal and / or private personal data obtained with your express consent may be obtained in whole or in part, recorded, stored, stored, changed, updated, periodically checked, rearranged, classified, required for the purpose for which they are processed or foreseen in the relevant law. in case of legal or service-related actual requirements, with private-legal persons, group companies or cooperated companies or public institutions and / natural person or 3rd person concerned who are resident in Turkey or abroad / legal persons can be shared / transferred, transferred abroad if legal or actual requirements depending on the service.

ÇAVUŞOĞLU BİNA YÖNETİMİ customers to benefit from the services of our brands, to determine our commercial and marketing strategies in case of your approval, to inform you about our campaigns with the aim of improving, to be able to record your suggestions and complaints, to recognize you better, to serve you in line with your needs, to lead our sales, marketing, advertising and promotion activities, and marketing activities to be able to do the analysis and profiling work, to create better service standards for you, ÇAVUŞOĞLU BİNA YÖNETİMİ We hereby inform you that we may process your personal data for purposes such as the determination and implementation of commercial and business strategies and in any case in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and related legislation.

3. Transferring Personal Data
ÇAVUŞOĞLU BİNA YÖNETİMİ on the basis of your express consent or within the framework of the security and confidentiality principles specified in the Law No. 6698 and related legislation, provided that adequate measures are taken domestically and abroad, provided that the necessary security measures are taken, the business relationship between the data owners and our customers

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