ÇAVUŞOĞLU BUILDING MANAGEMENT; 32 years in the field of financial consultancy, 7 years in the field of building management with two in-house financial advisors, three lawyers as our solution partners and experienced staff: to create a business project by considering the income and expenses of your building, to record the income and expenses regularly in the notarized operating book For each apartment, the landlord and tenants debtors to follow the status of the building officer in relation to the preparation of SGK declarations, payment of SGK premiums, wage payroll arrangement in your building water, sewerage, electricity, elevator, roof and common areas of the breakdown and maintenance that may occur through. As Çavuşoğlu building management, we do not use a pool account in the accounts of each building itself, collections and expenses of your building are paid from this account. From our website you can see the income and expenses of your building, the current debt list of the apartment or apartments, and make payments. We know that management services require experience and meticulousness. Aware of our duties and responsibilities since the first day we entered the sector, we have been working to provide you with the quality service and equipment that you deserve. During our service period, we also pay attention to our most important principles, transparent management and accountability. The primary way to achieve success in management is to create a trust environment. We build the system that we use to benefit from the management services on the basis of trust and transparency in accordance with the principles of transparent management. With our team and equipment, which has a good command of the entire infrastructure of the management, we carry out your management operations in accordance with the principles of professional and quality, we offer you the guarantee of safer and peaceful days instead of suffocating management responsibilities.

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