We share executive responsibilities. We analyze collections quickly. We offer multiple collection channels. We make secure payments. We archive documents online and physically. We fulfill your legal obligations. We keep accounts with an infrastructure that you can follow online 24/7. Ease of Collection your payment all structure from Şekerbank branches (without charge), from all Şekerbank ATMs (without charge), Our office, From our website, You can do it from your building credit account number (free of charge) In addition, the overdue fees received in your building are recorded as income in your building's joint account. We strengthen the revenue arm of your site and building with our applications, we offer you easy payment options by offering different collection alternatives, and we observe the interests of your site and building throughout these services. Transparent Account Mobile applications can be accessed from anywhere at any time with your site / building accounts without leaving any doubt in your mind, you can maintain your presence in confidence, the right to obtain the right to obtain information that you can use at any time. Your electricity, water, fuel, employee salary, employee sgk etc. payments are made through the bank channel in order to eliminate the dispute with the creditor and no payment is made by hand. Communication Power With our active communication and information network, we provide instant information sharing to all interlocutors. In this way, no owners or residents are faced with a surprise application and debt to the moon, we provide peace of mind within your structure. The first week of each month of your building is posted on the income and expense statement bulletin board. Your Management Company can obtain guidance that requires legal knowledge and experience. You can secure both yourself and your neighbors by basing your presence on legal grounds.

With the consultancy provided by your management company, the issues and transactions that need to be interpreted in your structure can be carried out easily. With this service, Execution of debtor accounts causing delays, Monitoring and collection of execution files, Procedures requiring attorney follow-up on behalf of your structure, The problems and their solutions between the dwellings in your structure are provided. With our secure and fast collection system, we create your income and expense balance in accordance with your site / building. We guarantee the collection cycle and the speed that governments have always found important problems. We actively take charge of your collection follow-up by adjusting the expenses to be made for your site / building according to your budget. We undertake on behalf of you the accounting records and referrals that need to be monitored and managed for your site / building, and share your responsibilities.  With this service; Keeping site / building income - expense accounts and reports, Establishment of business project, Processing of monthly accruals To provide current account tracking, Processing of expense documents, We carry out transactions such as official accounting records and follow up documents on behalf of you. With the Online Payment System, you can pay by credit card as long as you have internet access from work, out of town or even from abroad, and you can also receive your receipt at the same time.

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Adr: Örnekevler Mh. Menekşe Sok.
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Adr: Hunat Mah. Nur Sok.
Sitaş İş Merkezi. Kat: 4 Kayseri

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